Meeting Notes

This page includes notes of meetings either held by Camden Cutting Group or which their members have been present at.


The following information and documents were presented at this meeting:
130917 CCG meeting with Sarah Hayward Q&A minutes

130724 HS2 meeting QA v1 0 CCG minutes HS2 EDITS

Compensation Consultation Questions guide for 4.12.13

Map showing likely construction traffic and infrastructure during construction hs2_A0


The following information and documents were presented at the public meeting:

Camden Cutting Timeline

Camden Cutting Response

R Low’s presentation- introduction to compensation options

LWM-HS2-CN-MAP-01A-000003 Euston community forum map 121122[1]

HS2 Long Term Hardship Scheme presentation.doc

HS2 200m zone map

HS2 Briefing Note 04 01 2013


29th May 2012 Camden Cutting Public Meeting: 120529 Camden Cutting Group Public Meeting


Camden Cutting Steering Group Minutes:

2nd July 2012: 120702 Camden Cutting Steering Group minutes

10th September 2012: 120910 Camden Cutting Steering Group Minutes

29th October 2012: 121002 Camden Cutting meeting notes of meeting with HS2

19th November 2012: 121119 Meeting minutes

5th December 2012 (meeting with HS2): 121205 CCG HS2 meeting minutes

18th December 2012: 121218 Camden Cutting Steering Group Meeting minutes

20th January 2013: 130120 Minutes

11th March 2013: 130311 CCG Steering Group Minutes

19th June 2013: 20130619 CCG Steering Group Meeting Minutes – Part 1 Q&A with HS2 re CoCP

24th July 2013: 130724 HS2 meeting Q&A v1.0

Other meetings:

Meeting held with LB Camden Officers: 120726 LB Camden meeting minutes

 Regents Park Ward Community Meeting, 4th September 2012:  Regent’s Park Community Meeting 4 September 12 – Notes Action Points


Quarterly Camden Cutting Newsletters:

September 2012 newsletter

March 2013 Newsletter

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